What is Language Barter? Language Barter is efficient, flexible, group learning.

Efficient. Language Barter multiplies the fruits of your investment in language exchange.
Flexible. Sessions can be in any language and at any time—your “students” won’t always be your “teachers.”
Group Learning. Group conversations are more dynamic and foster friendly competition and error correction.

Consider the example of a native English speaker learning Mandarin Chinese:

Traditional language exchange: invest 1 hour of native language, receive 1 hour of target language
Language Barter: invest 1 hour of native language, receive multiple hours of target language

Remember to enjoy the process. As you participate in and guide conversations of fellow language learners, you will learn about other cultures and languages, and you will gain a fresh perspective on oddities of your own language and culture. You will converse with people from across the country or across the globe. You will have fun and enriching conversations, and we hope your world will get both bigger and smaller. Remember, language is a means not an end; it is a tool that helps us communicate. Have fun, communicate, and let language learning be “icing on the cake.”